Grand Junction Geological Society

Officers for November 2018 to November 2019


President - Brann Johnson
Vice President - Gerry Daub  
Secretary/Treasurer - Bill Chenoweth
Past President - Rex Cole

Councilor - Larry Anna (Two years left)
Councilor - Trevor Burrell  (One year left)
Councilor - Open

Heidi Schoenstein  (GJGS delegate to AAPG; not a voting member of the Council)

CMU AAPG Student Chapter Officers

President- Kathleen Dykstra
Vice President - Rachael Lohse
Secretary - Nick Cholas
Treasurer - Evan Pellowski
CAB Representative - Tim Bowers


Past Officers of the GJGS


Year   President               Vice President

2018      Brann Johnson                        Gerry Daub
2017      Rex Cole                                    Brann Johnson
2016      Rex Cole                                    Brann Johnson

2015     Ed Baltzer                        Brann Johnson

2014     Larry Luebke                        Ed Baltzer
2013     Larry Luebke                        Ed Baltzer

2012     Heidi Schoenstein                     Glen Miller

2011    Heidi Schoenstein                     Glen Miller

2010     Joe Fandrich                     Jay Scheevel

2009     Joe Fandrich                    Jay Scheevel

2008     Joe Fandrich                     Jay Scheevel

2007     Joe Fandrich                     Jay Scheevel

2006     Stew Hollingsworth       Glen Miller

2005     Craig Goodknight          Stew Hollingsworth

2004     Bill Hood                       Bob Suydam

2003     Bill Hood                       Bob Suydam

2002     Greg Smith                   Andres Aslan

2001     Greg Smith                   Andres Aslan

2000     Glen Miller                    Greg Smith

1999     Bill Hood                       Jim Standard

1998     Bill Hood                       Verner Johnson

1997     Verner Johnson            Craig Goodknight

1996     Craig Goodknight          Brooks Britt

1995     Don Everhart                Brooks Britt

1994     Dell Foutz                     Loyd Carlson

1993     Steve Cumella              Dell Foutz

1992     Larry Moyer                  Steve Cumella

1991     George Dobervich         Larry Moyer

1990     Charlie Neill                  George Dobervich

1989     Ray Pilcher                   Charlie Neill

1988     Gerry Daub                   Ray Pilcher

1987     Robert Sherrill              Gerry Daub

1986     Mike Madson                Robert Sherrill

1985     Loyd Carlson                Mike Madson

1984     John Trammell              Loyd Carlson

1983     Dan Powell                   John Trammell

1982     Craig Goodknight          Dan Powell

1981     King Stablein                Craig Goodknight

1980     Rex Cole                      King Stablein

1979     Wayne Farley               Rex Cole

1978     Wayne Farley               Rex Cole

1977     Spencer Shannon          Dell Foutz

1976     Richard Fischer            Spencer Shannon

1975     Arch Gridley                 Richard Fischer